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What We Believe

At the Academy for eLearning, we believe that everyone wins when you have a streamlined process for relevant and meaningful professional development.

A healthy organization means:

  • A better client experience.
  • Engaged and invested team members.
  • Leaders who motivate and inspire.

The Academy for eLearning provides relevant, engaging, and practical learning opportunities for individuals and organizations who want to level up their marketable skills.

Not all training programs are created equal.

The Academy for eLearning stands apart with these key features

Learning That Inspires Action

Opportunities for Connection

Content That Engages Hearts & Minds

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This Training Will Level Up Your Teams!

“I found the courses in Academy for eLearning to be extremely relevant to the many challenges we face in business today. The material is applicable for both a new hire or a seasoned professional that needs a fresh look on their role. The lessons are easy to follow, well organized and rich in concepts and are incredibly interactive. If you want to level up your team’s skills, I definitely recommend this as a valuable and convenient training tool for all organizations wishing to support their employee’s professional growth.”

Jennifer DeBolt, Associate Director

Why Focus on Soft Skills?

92% of executives say soft skills are just as important, if not more so, as technical skills.

Source: Wall Street Journal

75% of employers are more likely to promote a person with higher EQ (emotional quotient) over someone with a higher IQ. 

Source: CareerBuilder

94% of employees say they’re more likely to stay with a company that offers them development opportunities. 

Source: LinkedIn

Of 13 top job skills identified by
employers for 2021, 9 are soft skills rather than technical skills. 

Source: TopResume

The most in-demand soft skills include:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Change & Adaptability
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Customer Experience
  • Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

Our modules include ‘byte’-sized and diverse content: from short instructional videos to thought-provoking quizzes and gamification, our content engages, motivates, and inspires. You’ll also get a healthy dose of puppy pictures—our founder’s four “Dach-sons” are quite photogenic!

At the Academy for eLearning, we believe that everyone wins when you have a streamlined process for relevant and meaningful professional development.

We believe in a personalized approach.

That’s why we offer a free 15-minute consultation call for all of our potential clients. During our call, you’ll speak with one of the Academy team members about your unique needs and goals. We’ll identify the type of eLearning opportunities that will best serve you and/or your team. After the call, we’ll share our custom-fit solution with you and, get you enrolled right away! If you need time to think on it, that’s okay too! No pushy sales tactics here, we promise!