Time for a Professional Reboot?

Soft skills are some of the most sought-after employee skills in today’s workplace. In fact, 92% of recruiters say soft skills are critical tools they look for in their applicants.

At the Academy for eLearning, we make soft skill and leadership development accessible for learners everywhere.
We cover a wide range of timely, relevant topics that will assist you in practical and applicable ways to reboot your professional skills and level up your career.

Our Mission

We’re Obsessed with Your Success!

The Academy for eLearning is built upon the foundation of providing support and training to individuals and teams through eLearning, all while nurturing a sense of community and belonging.

It’s what makes us stand out in the field: our commitment to the people, not the platform.    We believe that combining technology with powerful storytelling, human touch and community is key to effective online training and education.    Our modules are transformational, packed with practical application, thought-provoking exercises, and plenty of opportunities for authentic interaction and connection.
We invite and encourage our learners to participate and contribute.

Our goal is to capitalize on the joy of learning while enhancing our learners’ skills, abilities and knowledge.

Facilitators Who Care

There’s a difference between an instructor and a facilitator. At the Academy for eLearning we believe in engaging with our learners. Unlike many others eLearning platforms, we do not subscribe to a ‘sit and git’ philosophy. Our facilitators are actively involved, exhibit care, empathy and trust for our learners.

Virtual Workshop

Our visual training sessions are beneficial and effective for group training. We feature a number of small group sessions throughout the year on a variety of relevant topics.


Personalized coaching is available and is customized to help individual learners. We offer support on specific levels (i.e. not only answering questions but specially filling an existing gap in skills and confidence).

Interactivity & Engagement with Others

One of our core values is firmly rooted in inclusion and community. We offer our learners the opportunity to connect with our community, build their professional network and contribute ideas for ongoing curriculum development.

Our Core Values

We believe that when we live by our core values, everything we do will have purpose.

We act with integrity.

We speak up for what’s right even when it’s the harder option.

We make a difference.

We proactively look for ways to improve ourselves and our company culture.

We care about each other.

We encourage each other to engage our hearts and minds and value meaningful connection.

We reimagine the possible.

We know that nothing great has ever come from sticking with the status quo, so we seek to disrupt, challenge, change and evolve.

What Our Customers Say

Improved Staff Outcomes

I have known founder, Vicki Maurer, for over 20 years. Throughout that time, I have used Vicki as a training source with great success in improving staff outcomes. Her knowledge and ability to train others whether it be in sales, customer service, or any soft skill topic, is on a level above all. Vicki’s passion & enthusiasm are very contagious and her extensive experience has earned her the title of a true training professional.



Meet our awesome team!

Vicki Maurer

Vicki Maurer


Vicki has served in many training & development, sales, coaching, mentoring and leadership roles over the last 30+ years. The majority of her experience comes from working in post-secondary education, where her passion for helping others reach their “lightbulb moment” was born.
In 2019, she left the corporate and post-secondary education world to set out on her dream: to build an eLearning company that values people over platforms and offers technology with a human touch.
You may see Vicki’s “Dach-sons” make an occasional appearance in some of our material and social media posts. These four little guys—Bentley, Bowden, Beau & Oscar are very well-loved. They’re also pretty confident about running the show at Vicki’s house.

[email protected]

Nomi Graves

Nomi Graves


Nomi has been a client service advocate for her entire professional career. Her passion is helping others solve a problem or achieve a goal—which is exactly why she fits in so great here at the Academy!

She lives her life in service to others, believing that you must have the interest, motivation, and commitment to be successful.

Spending time on the water soothes Nomi’s soul. So much, in fact, that she spent an entire year living on a boat! As her mom always said, she walks to the beat of her own drummer! No matter the tune, she’s always looking for a way to serve the next person. As an added bonus to our team, Nomi has two Dachshunds that come to work with her everyday!

  [email protected]