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The Academy for eLearning works for individuals and businesses of all sizes and shapes.


Who are these modules for?

Employers, team leaders, and managers who want to build and grow a strong team of loyal employees who are emotionally intelligent, flexible, and great communicators. You’re ready to level up not only your team members’ skills but yours as well.

If you’re a job seeker who want to stand out from the crowd in order to land that dream job at a fantastic company that will appreciate and value you–You’re our ideal learner! Get ready to develop the soft skills today’s employers desire.

Why should I pay when there are so many free resources?

It’s true that there are many free resources out there. So many, in fact, that it can be really hard to sort out the fluff from the stuff that will really make a difference. We have curated and developed the best content using our decades of experience managing and developing teams in a variety of workplaces. The interactivity of our material also makes a huge difference and is great for all stages of tenure. Millennials and Gen Z prefer instantaneous content delivered right to their preferred devices whenever and wherever they want. More seasoned staff value the ease of use and the individualized attention we provide. No matter the tenure with your organization, we meet your employees at the point where skill gaps exist and recognize different learning patterns to deliver the best possible outcomes.

I'm an employer. How will I know my employee completed a module?

There are a couple of ways to confirm someone’s training. First, upon completion, the learner will receive a completion certificate and a digital badge. Another option is to ask them to download the workbook to discuss with their supervisor their take-aways. This will also help them with retaining the information.

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