Have you seen the NBC show, “America’s Got Talent?”  I’m a fan and watch it regularly.  Why?  Because it gives ‘everyday’ people the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities on one of the largest stages possible, broadcasting to literally hundreds of thousands of people, and that makes me feel good!

If you watch the show, you know that contestants compete for the chance to win a million dollars and perform in their own show in Las Vegas.

I wondered, however, after listening to the prequel of each contestant talk about what the opportunity meant to them—there was a resounding theme.

Infrequently do they express hopes of getting to perform in Vegas… and even more rarely do they talk about that cool, hard million.  I found that quite interesting.  What they do talk about is the desire to live out their passion and act out their dream pragmatically.  As a matter of fact, recently, one contestant said as she thanked the viewers for voting her through to the next round, “this is a dream I didn’t know I was allowed to have…”

Wow!  How many people are walking through the motions of their lives with unfulfilled dreams and aspirations that never come to fruition?  Why does this happen?  Are they missing the ‘secret sauce’ that those they admire apparently possess?  Or could it be that the limiting beliefs ingrained in them cause them to think that true success somehow eludes them?

It doesn’t need to be that way, my friends.  You can train your brain for success!  It requires a shift and a commitment to “go where others rarely go and absolutely know that you’ll have to do what others rarely do.”

I recently worked on a new series of learning modules on that subject, and with full transparency, I am in the process of that metamorphosis myself.  We have the opportunity and power to rewire our brains.  We can rid our lives of limiting beliefs and debilitating habits that block our breakthrough to achieving true peace and prosperity in our business and our lives.

Do you wonder about your true and divine purpose?  There is a new chapter waiting to be written in your life book, and it’s the beginning of your happy ending.  It starts with asking yourself just three questions:

  • Am I truly happy?
  • Am I satisfied with where I am in my life now?
  • Do I aspire for more (whatever that more means to you)?

If you can’t answer these questions with a resounding ‘yes; it’s time to repurpose, reignite and reimagine your life!  Please do not allow yourself to subscribe to the belief that you have dreams that you didn’t think you were “allowed to have!”  You were created and destined for something far greater than you ever imagined!  All it requires is a commitment to say ‘yes,’ and then a shift in training your brain for success!